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If I am not for myself who should I exist for ?!
...hhmmm...but if I am only for myself, WHY do I exist at all ?!


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This is Jonida, our most beautiful, loving, funny friend.

In January of 2014, at the age of 27 Jonida was diagnosed with Gastric cancer. For 9 grueling months, she underwent numerous operations and Chemotherapy until finally being declared cancer free. Unfortunately the joy was short lived as during a regular check up in July of 2015, Jonida found out that the cancer was back and this time it had spread to her peritoneum and bowel.

Jonida has already undergone 3 rounds of chemotherapy in Boston, at a cost of $50,000. As Jonida's cancer has not been responding effectively to the treatment, her doctors have agreed that she would be eligible to take part in a clinical trial. Jonida's last glimmer of hope is an experimental treatment which is more than her family can afford ...more


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Mundane things like the social web might seem superfluous in matters of making a difference in the course of one's life. However, spreading the word about Jonida can make many things happen. Please share and blog about Jonida's situation since we can only help him with the support of the wider community.